Preparing for the COVID-19 virus at Oy KWH Freeze Ab

We are actively following how the Corona virus COVID-19 situation develops and taking preventative measures to minimize the possible impact the virus may have on our business. We are paying particular attention to the guidelines by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and we are following guidelines and restrictions by the Finnish authorities. We have advised all our employees to wash their hands carefully, have video/online meetings and avoid travelling to countries with several reported cases of the virus and particularly avoid areas deemed to have an epidemic. We have also decided to stop all visits unless they are absolutely necessary.We will take precaution if we suspect that a driver visiting us has the virus: we will take preventative measures and observe any possible impacts on goods handling. By taking preventative measures and working together with our customers we will be best able to managethis exceptional situation and deal withany unexpected delays in deliveries or additional costs.We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt our actions to suit the customers’ needs as efficiently as possible. Please, approach your contact person if you anticipate that your needs will change considerably due to the Corona virus or if you have questions about the deliveries.

Yours sincerely,
Oy KWH Freeze Ab
Peter Lång