Having been in business since 1965, KWH Freeze is by far Finland’s largest actor in frozen food storage. For a long time already, our business has seen strong growth, and our main storage facility in Vantaa is currently being expanded. We also have another facility in Inkoo. We have prepared for future growth by acquiring more land property in Vantaa.

We serve customers of all sizes – both the small with one pallet to store and the large with 10 000 pallets. We want our customers to see our storage as their own. Therefore, we invest in our own and our customers’ IT system integrations, so that the goods are even easier and smoother to follow. Our customers are wholesale dealers, actors in the food industry and frozen food distributors.

Many frozen foods are seasonal, and their volumes change from one season to another. By buying their frozen storage from us, our customers gain great flexibility in their businesses. We are in the habit of saying that we help our customers move walls.